The Complete Guidance for Video Marketing

The Complete Guidance for Video Marketing

Nothing beats video marketing as a technique for informational purposes, lead generation, and consumer conversion. Brands want a fresh approach to video marketing. What’s changed is how crucial video has grown to be across all platforms and channels.

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A young and active video production company in Dubai is called welkin marketing. Our crew has a lot of experience working on major productions and with multinational corporations. We take great satisfaction in creating a narrative that accurately reflects your brand. Welkin Marketing is the ideal fusion of filmmakers who are aware of the demands of the business sector.

Learn the Art of Video Marketing 

You’re not the only one seeking a guide to video marketing. The majority of marketers that don’t already use video intend to do so by 2022. Additionally, those who presently use video intend to use it even more. A video production company in Dubai like welkin has made video production more affordable and accessible than ever before. You can now shoot high-quality 4K videos with your smartphone.

However, video marketing is still quite complicated when it comes to strategy, equipment, and editing software. Continue reading to find out everything there is to know about video marketing strategy.

The Importance of Video Marketing 

With the launch of YouTube in 2005, video marketing took off in earnest. Google purchased YouTube in October 2006, and there were seven different formats and platforms arrived by the end of 2009.

Marketers are becoming more interested in creating quality videos as technology improves. But that isn’t the only reason video is now the most popular form of communication.

The rise of smartphone technology, for example, made watching videos easier and more convenient. The pandemic then increased online media consumption all over the world by more than 215%.

Video Marketing Promotes Social Sharing

For increasing engagement on social media, video is the second most popular content type. Video has always been the focus of platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are emphasizing video.

Even platforms that do not support native video uploads highlight the importance of video marketing.

  • Tweets on Twitter receive ten times the amount of engagement.
  • This year, 68% of video marketers intend to use LinkedIn videos.
  • Pinterest users watch nearly a billion videos per day.

Helps in Increasing Your Sales

Welkin, a video production company in Dubai, can assist you in creating videos that do more than just help businesses get noticed. It assists them in closing sales. Users are guided to the next step of the sales funnel by compelling videos.

  • 86% of advertisers say video has assisted them with expanding site traffic.
  • As per 84% of advertisers, video has helped them in producing leads.
  • As indicated by 83% of advertisers, video has expanded “stay time,” or time spent on a solitary page, on their site.
  • As indicated by 78% of advertisers, video has straightforwardly added to expanded deals.

Mobile Users are Drawn to Video Marketing.

Mobile users are a significant driver of video consumption. As per a Statista study, 77 % of those surveyed watch online recordings on their cell phone or tablet. As indicated by Facebook, individuals are 1.5x bound to watch recordings on a cell phone than on a PC consistently.

Adds Personality to Your Brand‍

Each B2B advertiser is miserable over the exhausting B2B market. Everybody sounds something very similar, utilizes a similar good-for-nothing language, and so on.

Does this seem like your organization? You can consider a video production company in Dubai like welkin which will help in utilizing your chance to make history. On camera, you can talk more casually than you would on the off chance that you were composing a white paper or something like that.

How to Create a Video Marketing Plan

  • Begin with your video objectives.
  • Find your target audience.
  • Choose the best platform to distribute your videos.
  • Set a timeline and budget for your video
  • Figure Out What Stroy You Want To Tell

Now that you know where we’re going, let’s get into the specifics of each step.

Begin with Your Video Objectives

The most vital phase in formulating your video technique is framing your video’s objectives. Preferably, you’ll need to make a video for each phase of the showcasing pipe. Be that as it may, at first, you’ll need to conclude which stage is the most critical to target.

Mindfulness: Here, a test or opportunity is characterized and the watcher acknowledges they have an issue. Recordings in this stage ought to draw in clients and acquaint your image with another crowd.

Thought: The watcher is presently thinking about how the person will take care of the issue they’re confronted with. They’re investigating, requesting proposals, watching item surveys, and attempting to track down financially savvy arrangements.

Choice: The arrangement has nearly been found and you need to stay on top of your psyche. Present your possibility with confirmation of consumer loyalty and demonstrate why your item or administration ought to be picked over your opposition.

Find your Target Audience 

Because of the popularity of video and user-generated video content, you must target a specific audience with each video. With the help of our welkin video production company in Dubai, you can start developing strong buyer personas if you don’t already have them. If you already have a set of buyer personas, update them to include the most recent video research.

Choose the Best Platform to Distribute Your Videos

Before you begin making your video, ponder where you will communicate it. YouTube SEO is becoming as significant as site SEO. source Think about what individuals on that stage are searching for. You’ll likewise need to consider:

  • Normal view time
  • Size and sound impediments
  • Networks
  • Financial plan
  • Advancement

While recordings are frequently utilized for publicizing, a video doesn’t simply advance itself. A few stages have underlying vehicles for advancement, while others will require you to invest energy and work to get more eyes on your video content.

Set a Timeline and Budget For Your Video

If you are planning to make videos with a video production company in Dubai Consider the video to be a shorter, faster, and less expensive version of your favorite film. While a video requires fewer resources to be successful, it can still be a time-consuming and costly process. Planning and project management can help you save time and money.

Make a detailed timeline for each step of the process and budget for occasional delays. Even a small video production requires the talents of numerous people. So you want to ensure that even if unexpected challenges and changes arise, you will be able to deliver your video on time.

Figure Out What Story You Want To Tell

Picking the story you maintain that your video should tell can be both the most pleasant and the most troublesome aspect. Frame the four components recorded beneath, which will act as the essential structure for your story.

  • Hero with an objective – This individual ought to accommodate your objective segment.
  • Struggle – This is your client’s cause of agony.
  • This is the manner by which you will present your item or administration.
  • Goal – How does your item or administration take care of the issue?

What Types of Videos Should You Include in Your Marketing Plan?

Companies frequently seize the opportunity to create their first video. They spend the entire budget on an explainer video for their homepage, but once completed, all future video plans come to a halt.

Other companies produce a slew of social videos. However, they frequently just copy fads they’ve seen, so their videos don’t relate to their audience’s problems or habits. Video marketing cannot be a game of chance. Instead, you must develop a comprehensive video marketing strategy that applies to all aspects of your plan.


When you attract, you convert strangers into guests. At this point, consumers are identifying their problems and deciding whether to seek a solution. Your video should empathize with their problems while also introducing a potential solution in the form of your product or service. The goal of this type of video is to increase reach and trust.

Here are some examples of videos in the “attract” stage:

  • Short videos that showcase the personality of your brand
  • Thought leadership videos that demonstrate your leaders’ ability to provide industry news and insights
  • Brand films that convey your company’s values and mission
  • Explainers and how-to videos that offer relevant solutions to your audience’s problems


This process can be aided by video by providing a solution to the buyer’s problem. The goal of converting stage videos is to educate and excite.

Videos that “convert” may include:

  • A webinar chock-full of tactical advice
  • Email product demonstrations
  • Promotional videos for landing pages
  • Study of cases
  • Explanation and how-to videos in depth


With your videos, you’ve attracted a new audience and converted the right visitors into leads. It’s time to convert these leads into customers. Great close videos:

  • customer testimonials with relatable stories
  • Extensive product demonstrations
  • Culture videos that persuade viewers of your service’s quality
  • Personalized videos that explain how your product can benefit their business

Types of Marketing Videos 

Here are some of the types of videos that you can create with a video production company in Dubai. 

  • Explainer Videos
  • How to do videos Educational Videos
  • Testimonial Videos.
  • Company Story Videos.
  • Video Ads.
  • Product Videos.
  • Social Videos

Video marketing can be intimidating at first, but with practice and patience, you can easily create high-quality video content that is unique to your brand.


Welkin Marketing, a leading video production company in Dubai, is customer-focused. We understand that each business requires a unique video production. Our conceptualization process takes your requirements into account. We understand your audience and tailor our production to them. Contact us for more details.

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