Meet our team of experts in Design, Developers & Brand Strategists
Meet our team of experts in Design, Developers & Brand Strategists
Meet our team of experts in Design, Developers & Brand Strategists

Since 2015, we’ve worked on helping companies improve how they use digital solutions. From creating websites, apps to digital branding and online campaigns for companies. We believe in close collaboration, long- term, nurtured business relationships and a multidisciplinary culture which sets us apart from the rest.

“You have got business, we got creativity.”



We drive change and exceptional growth for our clients. Hands- on digital marketers building a team of “doers” for the last 6 years. In a space that is always changing, we are constantly challenging and battling ourselves.

We take a transparent and honest approach and make sure our campaigns are working properly. Many Data is the basis for everything from media planning to creative design, and it assigns trackable KPIs to even the most obscure tactics. We’ll always show you what works and what doesn’t.

Fady Bondok

CEO / Founder

Hasan Hatem

Full Stack Developer

Rachelle Ingles

VP - Business Development

Arwa Abd.

Head Of Operations

Karen Pison

Business Development Manager

Ankush A. K.

Design Manager

Ahmed Atef

Marketing Director

Samaam Khan

Sr. Software Developer

Ahmed Saudi

Project Coordinator

Rose Basto

Head of HR

Jordan Nuwa

Digital Marketing Specialist

Zainul Abedeen R.

3-D Designer

Shruthi Ashok

Account Manager

Ahmed Hussein

Graphic Designer

Tracy George

Social Media Manager

Joseph Omitogun

Graphic Designer

Joelle Sunaij

Sales Executive

Our Vision,

& Principles

To work with a wide range of brands – public and private, B2B and B2C and across a multitude of industries, ultimately creating a culture of “build on collaboration”, this diversity attracts innovation and builds better brands and products.

If you have a digital project in mind, we aim to challenge your assumptions and help create a seamless work-flow through which your brand is amplified creating a deeper connection with the people.

At Welkin Marketing Management, we inspire people to make decisions. We focus on helping your customers hire you or purchase your products by providing you with the ultimate business solutions that will indeed make the difference.