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Do you face a few problems managing data and gathering all your clients’ information in one place?

ERP-CRM Softwares provide successful solutions to fully manage your business data.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is used in all types of business industries; whether or not you are involved in Commerce, and either you have a big corporation or a small/medium enterprise (SME), ERP will provide complete analysis to all the commerce data in your company. Offering solutions and helps you run the business in the most efficient way possible.

What’s in it for you?

Optimum utilization of the company’s resources. 

Improving management and follow-up by dividing the work into several sections. 

Provide a large database. Knowing and following up on all obligations (sales and purchase orders - customer requests - payroll - supplier offer) all in one place. 

Improve planning by linking all departments and branches with the main branch.

Providing inventory systems for each department and comparing them with the previous ones. Save time. You can extract reports easily. 

Flexibility and dealing with suppliers and customers. 

Printing all invoices and statements and the possibility of doing financial analyzes with graphics.  unlimited number of users.

The ability to access the program for an unlimited number for users.

Exploit all of your resources, and develop your company
Utilizing a better way to manage & monitor your business

The CRM program is one of the important accounting programs. It helps you in recording all the previous and current data that belong to your customers, and through this information, you can communicate with them and sell more services; Which means more profits, and it is easy to extract detailed reports for all customers by using the data and information recorded within the program.

What’s in it for you?

A strong database of hundreds of customers, with the ability to increase them at any moment. 

Communicate with customers directly in various ways (e-mail - phone calls - live chat - social media). 

Raising the work team’s performance; facilitates the comprehensive follow-up of the work team and follow-up work progress remotely. 

More sales and profits by retaining customer data and contact information.

 The ability to extract detailed reports for all the different sales operations for all branches or for each branch of your company separately. 

Ease of development and updating in the event of any change or update within the company thanks to the CRM program that maintains a strong database. 

Providing a strong opportunity to raise your company’s market share by knowing the demands of customers and meeting them.

Follow your customers and keep their information professionally
Strong customer base to increase your profits

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