Video Production Company in Dubai

Video Production Company in Dubai

Passion, Creativity, and Effectiveness are making Welkin the most reliable Video production company in Dubai

We’re welkin video production company in dubai serving a wide range of businesses within the United Arab Emirates in various Digital Marketing aspects. And we’re having our dedicated team for media and video production projects providing a variety of creative and innovative commercials, short films, and promotional videos for corporations and companies in Dubai and across all the United Arab Emirates.

Welkin’s all-in-one solution for your company, as the leading video production company in Dubai,Digital Marketing agency in Dubai and across all the UAE, we’re enabling your brand to make corporate videos and get the most out of every message you want to deliver to your clients.

Video Production isn’t just about creating a wonderful corporate video to explain your message (which is definitely crucial) but you will need to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your investment as well by ensuring that this message will be delivered to the widest range of potential customers and to truly help your company in terms of converting your video message into solid numbers.

That’s why, at the top of being one of the leading Advertising and Marketing agencies in the Middle East, we’ve gathered top-notch and passionate professionals in our team from the filming industry to generate creative, innovative, and most mind-blowing ideas in the field of Videography.

Our previous expertise tells a lot about what we have created for our clients, we’ve helped several clients from start-up owners and local clients in Dubai to the biggest firms and corporations in the region with our creative abilities. Developing TV commercial ads, social media videos, and short-form advertisements, instructional and informational short videos about your company.

Offering varied and wonderfully tailored visual projects to provide businesses their own unique spot in the market. And building a strong communication channel with consumers through storytelling.

video production company in Dubai

Expand Your Business in Dubai by integrating Corporate Advertisements Videos

Do you know that viewers retain more than 90% of a message when they are watching it in a video?

By 2022 it’s estimated that videography will count for more than 82% of the online content on the internet.

It does not sound surprising at all! Which is more entertaining watching animation videos, reading an article, or viewing a photo?

You see, we’re talking about a video-driven world, video content is like fish in the sea nowadays, most content creators understand how important to place a huge focus on the Video production industry!

Regardless of the purpose behind your project, promotional videos and graphic motion clips will be an exceptional and reliable way of communication to obtain new potential clients, or creation of promotional video regarding a new service that you offer, sales and learning videos, or even a recruiting video. To Sum it up, consumers want to see more video content from brands…

In the near future, video production and filmmaking will be the main way of communication not just in Dubai and the UAE but worldwide.

Types of videos Welkin video production company in Dubai may provide you with:

  • Promotional corporate videos: a business video meant to elaborate the service and the product you’re providing. Usually, a video production campaign includes several promotional videos to show a wide range of products and services your company provides.

There’re are several types of promotional videos such as; product videos, intro videos, product launch, event videos, explainer and informative videos, videos ads, FAQ videos, Testimonial videos. And the list goes on it differs according to the Marketing campaign and end purpose of your video production campaign.

  • Investors Relations/ Showcase videos: Announcing your partners, and showing your previous experiences with clients…. And giving a glance to your potential clients at what you’ve achieved in the past.
  • Social Media Videos: They are tremendously popular nowadays across all agencies and companies in Dubai and the UAE. Short videos often emotive which encourages the viewer to share the video. What’s really important in these kinds of short videos is branding. Short corporate videos design and shape your business identity on Social Media Platforms. It just works like magic; especially, when integrated with the correct social media marketing strategy to reach your target audience.
  • Internal communication video: Mostly about sharing information and new updates regarding company policy. Or E-learning to new employees to figure out more about the rules within the company.
  • TV / Broadcast commercials.

The list still goes on forever, there’re various other types of videos making purposes that you can benefit from through having a video production campaign for your business.

video production company in Dubai

Getting the ultimate business solutions utilizing an impressive Video Production campaign

As we mentioned before, the success of your corporate videos may significantly develop by arranging strategic content for them. Well-crafted content not only reaches the appropriate and targeted individuals but also encourages potential clients to take the actions you want them to take after seeing it.

Here are a few points that of how you can benefit from your video production campaign.

Boost sales and increase traffic for your website

Video and media production is one of the essential factors that could have a lot of benefits if you need to boost your sales, based on our previous experience and as the leading video production company in Dubai, we know what kind of video content production requirements are needed in order to obtain the best product possible specifically for you, that can deliver the highest Return Of Investment (ROI) for your company.

Produce optimized videos by using your target keywords can generate a lot of traffic for your website from YouTube. So, even if you are looking to have a simple animated short video to introduce your services and products.

Best video production company in dubai

Each video you make needs a unique title and description, integrating your target keywords is crucial for getting the maximum benefit from producing the video. In Welkin, we’re making sure that the video production process has a certain strategy in order to get the best results for your company.

YouTube has its own search engine, which makes video optimization a totally different process compared to optimizing your website.

Therefore, you got to have a well-established and professional strategy before producing your video in the market of Dubai. A strong strategy that will make sure that you get the best results from your corporate video.

A great channel to build an emotional connection with clients.

Since we’ve started to operate here in Dubai, the crucial factor we focus on to create a successful Advertising/Marketing campaign is to establish a strong emotional way of communication with the client. Humans have evolved by telling stories and listening to old legends. A strong story can make a tremendous difference for your business, people want to hear the why behind your goal.

The ultimate goal for all companies is to increase conversion and generate sales, and the first stage to reach that goal is “Interest”, gaining clients’ attention to your service or product is the step to everything single thing that you’re working on; web development, graphic designs, photography, video production, developing a mobile app, even creating a huge marketing campaign, it all starts with getting customers’ attention.

And that’s could be done by building a story, an emotional connection with your potential clients.

Although there’re different channels to do so; however, Visuals like videography and photography are the most important channel of communication with clients, they provide accurate brand identity, and design the shape of your business, and tailor your story in a perfect way.

Process of setting a successful video production campaign in Dubai and across all the United Arab Emirates:

The fundamentals of the Video production industry still the same, and they are pre-production, production, and post-production stage.

video production company in Dubai

  • Pre-production – Planning and coordination stage

In this stage, we set for you a solid content strategy for your video, content goals, and place a clear brand guideline.

Understand your target audience within the United Arab Emirates:

The key is to know your video target audience well enough to know what kind of content they like and how they watch the video. To put it another way, what platforms are they most likely to be watching and what format do they prefer?

As digital marketing and also a video production company in dubai, our team understands analyzes marketing metrics that assess the effectiveness and performance of video campaigns across multiple channels, study what works best for you.

Discussing your video marketing purposes:

Defining your emotional goals and physical goals from the campaign: as we previously expressed, it’s highly important to have an emotional message in mind besides your physical goal.

  • Production – Execution stage:

In this stage, we set up all elements needed to create an attractive video. Gear up and start the filming process. Our studios possess the most advanced technology, tools, and equipment according to international standards to obtain the highest quality possible for your digital product.

  • Post-production – Optimization stage:

Includes Videos editing, visual effects, audio, voice over and final delivery of your product.

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