Motion Graphics Company in Dubai

Motion Graphics Company in Dubai

Capture more leads from creative animation graphic content – Welkin the Best Motion Graphics Company in Dubai will help you out

Welkin is a Motion graphics company in dubai and the leading digital marketing agency across the United Arab Emirates. We’ve combined our expertise and knowledge in digital marketing, advertising, content creation, video editing, photography, and media production to implement them in motion graphics and animation projects, creating unique, engaging, and impressive animated videos to achieve the best results for the UAE corporations and start-ups.

We focus on quality more than anything else.

Welkin is a motion design company comprised of directors, artists, designers, and strategic thinkers that collaborate closely to serve companies in Dubai and all over the United Arab Emirates to reach their maximum potential by helping produce and enhance their different motion graphics projects that are on-brand, well-researched, and completed quickly.

Enhance your website, digital marketing, collateral, and presentations with Welkin’s highly advanced motion graphics and animation studio, we’ve gathered the most creative and innovative professional designers in the video production and animation industry which is the reason we strongly believe that we are the leading Motion Graphics company in Dubai.

How can motion graphics and animation videos impact your content marketing strategy and influence user experience and the life of your company?

Exceptional conversion rates, extraordinary brands growth, and a unique method of communications; simply, that’s what motion graphics give your company. Videography is one of the most consumed and acceptable contents by consumers, people LOVE watching videos, they are more entertained and retain more information from your content.

In the United Arab Emirates, it’s estimated that video contents take up to 86% from all marketing content out there, and it doesn’t stop at this number, viewers retain more than 90% of your message when they watch a video in comparison with 10% when reading a text!

It allows brand content to be shared throughout social networks. People share social video 1200% more than text and static images combined. Facebook videos, on the other hand, receive roughly 8 billion views every single day!

Additionally, according to Tubular Insights, nearly 46% of consumers stated that they’ve made purchases after watching a brand video on social media.

So, in terms of which type of content will get you the best and fastest results, there is no doubt the answer is animation videos.

Motion Graphics Company in Dubai

Express the soul of your brand – Create a memorable Branding campaign 

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates have huge competition in various fields and industries, in order to shine among the herd, you need to establish a brand identity that captures your target audience’s attention.

There are a plethora of branding strategies out there, an experienced Motion graphics company and digital marketing agency like Welkin, knows exactly how to best operate and establish your brand in the Dubai market in the best way possible.

Using successful branding solutions, you may create a favorable picture in the minds of your target audience regarding your brand and connected products and services.

Motion graphics and animation videos have shown their effectiveness as a branding solution by efficiently attracting the attention of viewers in a world of short attention spans and emotionally and cognitively engaging them with your brand message, which is a crucial factor that decides the success of your branding campaign.

Whether you’re raising brand recognition, launching a new product or a service, targeting new consumer groups, or enhancing brand reputation, animation videos graphics material will be the winning card with engaging visual and audio content that effectively conveys your brand message.

With easily-shared pieces of information such as animation video production, motion graphics, and real-time feedback regarding the brand and accessible products or services perception and performance from the targeted audience in Dubai, businesses may analyze and improve their position within the competition.

With a formal polished look and more control over the content style, motion graphics material may be adjusted to match the brand visual identity (Color scheme – Fonts-Typography), the brand voice & tone, and the targeted audience preferences & interests better than live-action videos.

Furthermore, effective video material not only promotes your business but may also aid in the reduction of buyer’s remorse and post-sale difficulties. A lot of firms are already using video support channels to handle the most common client calls…and the results are quite promising. According to 43% of video marketers, video has lowered the number of support calls they receive.

And that’s so much what our team is doing at Welkin, we focus so much on developing brand identity and creating a project that will not only generate leads or increase sales, we focus on building a memorable piece for your clients.

Whether you’re going to invest your resources with welkin or with any other agency, remember that the best Motion graphics companies in Dubai should have an integrated branding strategy within your video production campaign.

Steal your clients’ emotions – Concise and Engaging

Instead of just reading an article or viewing an image or listening to a podcast, a simple animation video on the other hand offers a multi-sensory experience to the viewer… which gives the skilled designer or artist with professional skills the opportunity to dig deep into the viewer’s emotions and delivering your message to a wide range of audiences.

As previously said, motion graphics films are a “multi-sensory experience” of multiple content forms (Illustrations – Animation – Text & Numbers – Voiceover) that allow you to reach diverse audiences and improve engagement and added value with their favorite content type incorporated.

That’s why an experienced corporate will ask the motions graphics company specifically for a well-designed project that has a huge focus on the emotional side of their promotional video more than anything else.

Motion graphics influence our emotions in addition to drawing our attention; it is a biological response. We instantly sympathize with and replicate the feelings of the events we see displayed on a screen due to the phenomena of emotional contagion which is the reason people are affected and become emotionally touched by a movie or a film.

When it comes to conveying emotional stories, motion graphics provides a plethora of options to assist you in communicating. Moody music, compelling narration, and breathtaking images and photos may all contribute to an impactful tale. On that point, motion graphics can provide you with more freedom over how you convey a story than other formats like writing or displaying a photo.

As a result, when a business uses motion graphics to tell emotive stories, they can communicate their message far more simply.

Well, it’s better done than said, having a deep understanding of this concept is really underrated, as there are a lot of good motion graphics agencies in Dubai that don’t know how to integrate this idea in an animated video! Yes, it’s commonly known but it’s not well-used and integrated with most of the animation videos out there.

Motion Graphics Company in Dubai

Efficient and cost-effective – Value that can be repurposed on any digital platform

Any marketing effort is evaluated based on its return on investment. If you invest X amount of money it must bring the required value that meets your expectations including effectiveness and time consumption.

First, why motion graphics and videos are major time-saving projects?

What if you need to modify the information in the material at the last minute? Perhaps the product underwent an emergency modification, or it is no longer available in some locations or any number of other possibilities.

Along with the incorporation of the competent tools, Motion Designers at Welkin the perfect Motion Graphics Company in Dubai operate with programs with a high degree of modularity.

It’s a pretty straightforward procedure to add new music, change out pictures, or even add completely new animations. In practice, you may modify your video at any time so it’s so much faster to edit and adjust every single thing, which is nearly impossible compared to live actions.

So, it’s pretty much flexible and less time consuming to establish a motion graphics campaign

A key factor to build a trusted brand that can pay off and generate leads

Just take a moment and visualize how much motions graphics are so much effective when it comes to delivering your business’ messages to clients and includes an interactive communication channel with them that can generate real leads.

Motion graphics videos are made up of designs, drawings, and audio material, and they have a greater conversion rate (Website Traffic – Completed Purchases) than other content marketing formats, as well as a higher ROI when combined with a highly convincing marketing solution.

Needless to say, how much of an extensive positive influence Video animation has on Search Engine Optimization.

Motion graphics material is effective in making the most of viewers’ limited time by allowing them to see and engage with your content on a variety of responsive devices and conventional and online channels.

How to achieve that?

By implementing the essential and most updated storytelling techniques in the field. Don’t worry about it, we’re here for you as the leading motion graphics company in Dubai and across the United Arab Emirates, our policy is planning a development process, starting with creating a portfolio for your company to figure out the best methods to present your business based on your history and brand identity.

Our operation includes the most developed design concepts and editor programs in the Middle East and all over the world … we create a project that will be ready to showcase your goals and make your target audience excited and passionate to know more about your company.

Demonstrate complex ideas – Simplicity of the artwork

Regardless of the platform used to distribute the material, motion graphics films are adaptable and successful for a variety of marketing, advertising, and branding objectives and platforms with a variety of formats accessible to generate, such as:

  • Goods and Services Videos for Promotion
  • Presentations for Business and Sales
  • Events for Marketing and Branding
  • Ads in Print and on the Internet
  • Content for Social Media (All Platforms)
  • Campaigns for Email Marketing
  • Educational and illustrative videos (How-to Tutorials)
  • Product Evaluations and Testimonials
  • Videos with Brand and Company Information

There is a ceaseless pool of opportunities to develop advantage of customized professional graphic designing content, and the decision to start creating and integrating animations content in your business advertising campaigns is entirely up mostly to you, and even though hurry up to avoid missing out on profitable business opportunities.

Motion Graphics Company in Dubai

What kind of motion graphics design may you expect from us?


Cinematographic is another excellent technique to draw people’s attention to brand advertising and digital content. However, by integrating extremely slight movement into an otherwise still-looking image, they are sometimes more effective in capturing attention than their more frantic rivals.

In Welkin, apart from being the best motion graphics company in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, we’re having a dedicated team specialized in Film and video production. Take a tour.

Explainer and brands educational video production

Motion graphics have been the go-to for explainer videos for the previous decade, from demonstrating how an app works to detailing airline safety protocols. This has established a virtuous loop in which an audience is instinctively urged to pay attention when they are welcomed by a motion graphics explainer video.

Onboarding animation

This one is for your website or mobile app.

Onboarding animation is receiving a huge credit to assist users through apps and websites and reduce the learning curve.

Opening titles

If you’re launching a new service or a product, fun and imaginative motion graphic can be used to liven up, and showcase your new service. Most motion graphics agencies in Dubai are presenting the same service but we’ve done it for years across the United Arab Emirates gathering tones of design and marketing experts and savvy artists to shine your newly launched product.

What quality and services should you expect to hire a Motion graphics company in Dubai?

Designers produce motion graphics using a wide range of software and other technologies. Adobe Premiere, and After Effects is a popular application among motion graphic artists because it enables the creation and modification of images with a time component.

Adobe Flash is also utilized in the creation of motion graphics for web-based applications. Maxon Cinema4D and Softimage are two more excellent motion graphics used by savvy designers.

As the leading Motion graphics company in Dubai, our typical motion designer is an expert in incorporating time, sound, and space into the project. Most of our motion designers have a background in cinema animation, which makes the work easier and is driven by creativity and innovation.

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