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Welkin provides projects that are exceptional, with end-to-end support and professional assistance. We offer a comprehensive variety of services that increase your company’s value, from the first idea and formulation of the project strategy through the production of a prototype and testing it with consumers.

The Development Process


Create A Well-Established Web Development and Mobile App Strategy

To gain a profound understanding of your business and determine the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) before developing, we meet with you to understand your goals and objectives.

During assessment, we will get to know more about your required outcomes from the website or mobile application, issues with the existing website or app, routes to market, marketing strategy, and the main purpose this website or app will be designed for. You are the expert on your own business, so we will listen closely to how you identify your business needs and who are your key competitors.

Afterward, we let our experts do a deep market analysis, competition analysis, industry research, Site Goals review, Conversion strategy, and user persona creation. In addition to other key steps and procedures that you will get in touch with along the way.

Market Research

User stories

Competitor Analysis

Target Personas

Customer Surveys

Site Maps

Identifying Objectives


Planning and analysis.

We will define your website’s layout or application’s layout and core functionality based on the data we’ve collected from stage one.

Sitemap: It’s like a bird-eye view of your website; this map determines the number of pages that should be displayed on the website, their placements, and their relationship as well.

Considering two elements; the ones that will be displayed to users and other elements which are intended for web crawlers such as Google. Wireframe: Explains the layout of each individual page on the website. Outlining and mapping the content of your website pages.

Google Optimization

Identify Crucial Features 

Skeletal Structure

User Manual

Defining Deadlines

Multiplatform Web Based Application


Front End Development

The user interface (UI) design phase introduces your branding and completes the look and feel of your website or app. This is where your brand book comes in to ensure your digital presence is in line with all your other marketing assets.

Our Designers will apply their chosen color palette, type of iconography, images, and other elements that define your brand. If you don’t have a brand book, DON’T WORRY. We will analyze your existing assets to identify common elements and document your creative choices to cement your brand image. Since web design or app design is a matter of taste in many ways, most elements will depend upon your own preferences and choices.

Wire Framing

User Journeys

Content Audit





UX/UI Design


Back-End Development

Once we get your approval on the final design, the website or application development process will get technical.

This phase includes coding, or what’s so-called developing the website/app backend, in which our developers will ensure that your website/app functions properly. The process also includes combining all the previously designed elements and building an actual site.

Luckily, in Welkin, we possess a highly experienced team in all contemporary back-end technologies and programming languages to ensure that your website is 100% free of any technical issues.

Data Base Architecture

Back-end Programming

CMS Integrations



Framework Prototyping

Software Development


QA Testing

Testing is one of the most important phases of the web and application development process.
At this point, your developers will check the functionality of all elements of your website or application.

The goal is to identify issues like broken links and compatibility with different devices to make sure and test its responsiveness on mobile devices.

Once you have completed the manual and automated testing, your website is ready to go to a live server and get started.

Onsite SEO




Quality Assurance

Deploy Phase 

Featured Projects

A selection of some recently completed projects
Volk Media
Volk Media is a Dubai based creative agency that manages, produces, and creates social media content and strategy. It is where innovation and imagination through design and technology comes to life. Their goal is to be the most desirable and leading organisation by ensuring their clients needs are met. We created a website that reflects the brand message and showcased their creativity to get people clicking!
Your one stop shop for fresh fruits, vegetables and eatables - They stock up products with utmost care. Their quality standards explain why they are on top of the stack when it comes to grocery store shopping experience. Without any third-party intervention you'll be able to deal with this hassle-free store to purchase your essentials. What makes it even better is the Martoo points program that allows you to get additional discounts. In this technological fast-paced era, it’s become vital for end users to find comfortable, more convenient ways to purchase their daily essentials.
HEIGHTS is a leading Saudi event management & consulting company in the fields of Events, Project and Initiatives management, and Marketing Communication since 1999. Heights is selected by the major governmental agencies and companies in the KSA and Middle East. They have an extensive experience and integrated capabilities which makes them the ideal partner for any project.
Platinum Technical Works is an exhibition and interior design solution that specializes in a full-service provider of outdoor printing services and exhibition stands. Over 12 years of experience, Platinum is based in UAE and launched to the world. The website showcases their full design services, anything from banners to large backdrops
Kion is a rapidly growing Emirati brand which aims to deliver high quality and uniquely designed products. Kion takes pride in never failing to meet their clients’ expectations. Kion decided to launch an ecommerce website and Welkin was honoured to be their partner. The use of the online business enhanced their interaction with their customers and helped them deliver an excellent customer experience at the same time.
Sphinx Real Estate
Sphinx Real Estate is a UAE based real estate company. They offer complete turnkey realtor services as well as relocation services. Sphinx assist their clients in all property management requests, from leasing to selling at the best market price. Their highly knowledgeable team deals with residential and commercial real estate in and outside of the UAE. They ensure that the process is seamless and tailored to their customers.
Bawlonia is an Egyptian company founded by the merger of three furniture companies that have been operating in the Egyptian market since 2006 and they have managed to keep pace with the world’s progress in the furniture industry. The main objective was to enter B2B agreements with clients and to allow a hassle-free furniture shopping experience without the involvement of a third party. Having a payment gateway makes it more convenient for their customers as they do not have to physically visit the store to make a purchase. E-commerce is the fastest growing retail marketing and Bawlonia joined this digital world just on time.
Volk Luxury
Volk Luxury has an exquisite aesthetic that draws inspiration from the world’s highly intelligent animal who is caring, playful, and above all devoted to family. Getting inspired by Wolves characteristics have helped us create one of the strongest United Arab Emirates fashion brands and grow rapidly every day. Volk creative and forward-thinking design team always try to create the most fascinating and innovative products for Volk Luxury Loyal customers. Their customers can also benefit from a membership and receiving 15 points when making a purchase. The design of the ecommerce website reflects the luxurious products that Volk has.
NAY Production
NAY Production is a professional photography & video production company overing Cinematic Video and Modern Dynamic Photography, with over 15 years of experience in the UAE. The team is dedicated to bring a product that their clients are proud to show. Their commitment and passion to each project means their clients would receive a personal service from start to finish. Through this static website, it showcases how the team captures every moment and tells a story that covers your milestone.
Fruigetables is an online store that sells farm fresh fruits and vegetables and delivers them at your doorstep. Their idea revolved around bringing nutrition and convenience in the same frame. The shopping trolley conveys the effortlessness of the shopping experience and saves time for the customers. Your grocery will be just a click away. If you have a digital project in mind, we aim to challenge your assumptions and help create a seamless work-flow through which your brand is amplified creating a deeper connection with the people.
WASP is a UAE based pharmaceutical company that is active in healthcare business, promoting and distributing speciality nutraceuticals, conventional medicine, and genetic testing. WASP is dedicated to provide innovation, to improve patient’s quality of life for tomorrow’s world. This is done by identifying, developing, and commercializing meaningful products built on scientific excellence and financial independence
Dar Alhai Tourism
Dar Alhai is a tourism company based in UAE, they offer special tours around the Arab countries. They have a variety of services such as city tours, restaurant recommendations, and 5 stars accommodations. The website also showcases different packages and tours where you can explore and book your preference.
Next Level
Next Level is an Event and Exhibition management organization founded in 2013 in KSA. Since then, it has been fuelled by the passion of the entertainment industry while aligning with the Kingdome’s vision 2030. Next Level objective is to utilize their knowledge and experience using up to date management process as per international standard by partnering with foreign agencies based in the West.


What is included in our Website Development Packages?

Start-Up Website Package

  • Up to 5 website pages
  • Custom Made, Interactive, Static & High-End Design
  • Custom WordPress
  • Web Slider Banners
  • Custom Made Banner Designs 2
  • WhatsApp Integration
  • Google Map Integration
  • Client Logos Slider
  • FAQ Selection
  • Social Media Integration
  • Industry Specified Team of Expert Designers and Developers
  • Complete Deployment
  • 100% Mobile Responsive

Business Website Package

  • Up to 10 web pages
  • Custom Made, Interactive, Static & High-End Design
  • Custom WP or Custom PHP Development
  • Web Slider Banners
  • Custom Made Banner Designs 6
  • WhatsApp Integration
  • Google Map Integration
  • Client Logos Slider
  • FAQ Selection
  • Content Writing 500 Words Free
  • Basic SEO
  • Payment Module Integration (PayPal, Stripe)
  • Search Bar
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Social Media Integration Live Feeds
  • Multi Lingual 1 Language
  • Lead Capturing Forms 3
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Industry Specified Team of Expert Designers and Developers
  • Complete Deployment
  • 100% Mobile Responsive

Premium Website Package

  • Up to 20 web pages
  • Custom Made, Interactive, Static & High-End Design
  • Custom WP or Custom PHP Development
  • Web Slider Banners
  • Custom Made Banner Designs 8
  • WhatsApp Integration Multiple Numbers
  • Google Map Integration
  • Client Logos Slider
  • FAQ Selection
  • Content Writing 2500 Words Free
  • Basic SEO
  • Payment Module Integration (PayPal, Stripe)
  • Search Bar
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Social Media Integration Live Feeds
  • Lead Capturing Advance Wizard Form
  • Industry Specified Team of Expert Designers and Developers
  • Complete Deployment
  • 100% Mobile Responsive

Custom Package

Do you want to have a customized package according to your needs?