Ecommerce website development and design.


  • Develop complete eCommerce platform with easy navigation, seamless browsing and a frictionless user experience.
  • Develop a user-friendly and visual product story with simple, yet accurate filtering system.
  • Build a robust product viewing CMS for UAE users as well as a robust product catalogue.
  • Implement SEO protocols for a high-ranking search performance and content marketing opportunities.
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by a WordPress CMS.

1. Prototyping

  • Volk Luxury is a luxury retail brand based all over the Middle East, who wanted to take their brand from a conventional brick and mortar boutique to the digital space of eCommerce retailing.

    Volk had approached WelkinMKTG with the concept and rough ideas of developing a professional, easy-to-use and attractive eCommerce website for the brand. Volk only had a partial idea, with no specific details in regard to color scheme, UX/UI, payment gateway details or the general layout of the website.

    They want to keep their website and its content simple yet timeless. Welkin recognized the need for a digital strategy to be implemented through content marketing.

    This web design and development was driven by content strategy. Creating an engaging product catalogue site and deepening the content for both search and user experience. We wanted to provide more opportunities for visitors to get to know Volk Luxury, with more content around trending fashion styles, related product options and community engagement. Development also included creating unique experiences for customers throughout the Middle East in both English and Arabic – Different homepages, but the same stylish and luxurious products.

case study 2
case study 2

2. Style Concepts

  • The Volk Luxury website design included distinctive brand highlighting. The logo design was provided to us as Volk wanted it to appear, but the colors scheme, typography and overall style needed an update to make a memorable statement. The objective was to keep the website simple yet timeless to stay true to their passion for luxury couture, while adding vibrant splashes of color, attractive and trending fashion items, and high-quality photography.

3. Bringing it all together

  • The final product feels youthful, fun, attractive and as fresh as their fashion items and trends. We were able to use WPML to deliver custom experience to different regional audiences and create a powerful, easy to navigate and attractive user experience to drive conversions based on product quality, pricing and flexible delivery and payment options. The content strategy was significantly stronger, with excellent lateral navigation opportunities, between products, blog posts, popular items and specific product details such as sizes, fabric types, styling techniques etc. Their brand storytelling and social presence has been further elevated through Instagram integration onto their homepage.