Website Design

the client

  • Platinum Design is an interior design company based in Dubai UAE, providing elegant, modern and aesthetic interior design services. The brand represents sophisticated luxury and contemporary minimalistic, yet timeless designs for substantial customers, businessmen, businesses, and others interested in high quality culture and modern art. Most of Platinum’s projects are residential properties, but they also work with commercial facilities.

The request and objectives

  • The client asked us to create a website that would help them elaborately identify the high standard of quality and sophistication of the brand and at the same time immediately come across to viewers as a high class, professional and elegant interior design company.

    This was the initial request and it seemed like quite an ordinary task, but after meeting with the client and debriefing their needs, we realized that our work extends far beyond just designing a new website.

    The actual task included:

    • Reflection of the client’s unique approach to architectural design and decorating.
    • Designing an effective website that would help the company attract fresh extraordinary projects and enter a totally new high-ticket market.

    Platinum was inspired by the architecture agencies that, while being small and not well-known, designed awesome modern and creative projects that could change the whole industry thanks to the pure talent and professionalism of their architects. Positioning in this segment was also one of our tasks in designing the site.

case study 2
case study 2

The Solution

  • Moving forward, our team had extensive knowledge and experience in web design for the real estate industry. We also studied the client’s segment more thoroughly and requested them to answer many questions in order to learn more about their company, their approaches, and their specific customers.

    We started by defining the list of services and unique selling points that make this brand distinctive from the other companies and competitors.

    Next, we developed a site map and produced a grid with elements of asymmetry to make the site livelier and more interactive for future users.

    After, our team began with the prototyping of the website. We worked closely with the client. We took the time to study their completed works from their current portfolio, learned about their approaches and the process, and fully immersed ourselves into the project from the inside. We offered different solutions for a prototype until agreeing on the final version.

    During many briefings, it was easy to visualize the brand concept. It is simple and sophisticated so we decided to use muted colors (white, light orange, and silver/gray) that resemble calm and creative emotions and are more associated with a higher status.

    The most unique selling point of interior design companies are their unique, artistic and elegant work. This is why, when moving into the design stage, it is imperative to focus on the visual content – successful finished projects. We put enormous effort into literally bringing the visual concept forward while using text more as a background. It was important to crop out everything that could distract the user’s attention from the main features of Platinum’s website.

    We insisted that it is of high importance to follow the principle of “less is more” throughout the website: less text, less color, clean lines, simple typography, high quality images and a unique background. We also chose to omit any icons, pop-up windows or review sections and added only the most crucial features: visual content and brief service descriptions and contact information, hence, “less is more”.

    Another important task on our to-do list was enabling a highly responsive website on mobile and tablet. We simplified navigation for the mobile version and added horizontal sliders.

The Results

  • All members of our team really enjoyed every moment that was spent working on this project. Like every project, this one was no different and had no shortage of challenge’s, yet it was interesting nevertheless. Platinum trusted our knowledge, expertise and competence and, of course, the solutions we offered surpassed their expectations and requests. Our previous experience with real estate related websites assisted us better in understand the client’s every need and helped us to foresee challenges a few steps in advance.

    Aside from creating the website, we also integrated Google analytics, a CRM system, and an easy-to-use CMS so the client can have a better understanding of how the website works and easy access to update and add content at any time. This was not included in the scope of work, but we decided it would be useful and benefit Platinum more to have these small yet important things.

case study 2